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Commercial Interior Wood Door Cores

At Manhattan Door Corp., we combine an interior door core with high-quality veneer or laminate for a cost-effective, reliable door. Our team works with many core types to manufacture the doors your customers need. Learn more about our available cores and their benefits. 

Wood Door Core Types

We sell the following interior door core types:

Hollow Core Honeycomb

door core types and styles

Honeycomb cores consist of corrugated fiberboard that provides structure while saving money. Learn more about this core material by reading the spec sheet.

"Diet" Core

Unique to our company, "diet" core provides more structure than a hollow core and less weight than a solid core. Discover how we make this material so versatile in the specification sheet.


Our Fire-rated commercial wood doors can have ratings for 20, 45, 60 or 90 minutes to meet building regulations. Read the spec sheets for our 20-minute fire-rated five-ply doors45-minute fire-rated five-ply doors and 60 & 90-minute fire-rated five-ply doors.

Structural Composite Lumer Core

A structural composite lumber (SCL) core consists of different species of wood held together with resin. SCL provides more structure than particleboard while staying affordable. Find out more about SCL with the official spec sheet.

Solid Core

Commercial solid core doors come in a variety of constructions and materials. Our selection includes solid core laminate doors and lightweight solid core doors. Read more information about our MDF solid core doors.


If you need a cost-effective core, particleboard can save you money while meeting durability requirements. Learn more about particleboard in our official spec sheet.

Contact Our Interior Door Core Experts

Discover more about our available commercial interior doors and cores by calling us at 718-963-1111 or contacting our staff online.

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