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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to build my door?

At Manhattan Door, we have one of the fastest lead times you'll find in the industry. For larger door projects, we can have your entire order ready in 2-3 weeks. Or, for rush orders, we have the materials available to create a custom door for you in just ONE day!

Can I buy an interior door for myself/my home?

While Manhattan Door specializes in creating doors for larger commericial projects, you can have your home contractor contact us to order interior doors for your home.

Can I request custom specs and finishings for doors?

Yes! Simply contact us with your specs and desired finishings or other designs and we can provide whatever you need.

Do I have to order hardware (handles, locks, etc. separately?

No! Simply tell us the specs for your desired hardware and we can provide whatever you need.

What should I do if I need an uncommon door size?

No problem! At Manhattan Door, we specialize in custom-made doors — whether that means size, finish, design, or something else.

Do you manufacture doors for industries other than what's listed on your website?

Absolutely — we get many requests from the industries we list on our website, which is why they're showcased. But that doesn't mean that they're the only industries we service! Whatever the industry, we can provide you with the door you need.

Do you have spec sheets for each door?

Yes! Head to our Information and Forms page to view all spec sheets.

How do I know which door is right for me or my client?

Take our quiz to find the perfect door for your next project!

If you want any more information on different types of doors, door design trends, or how to choose the right door for a project, head to the Manhattan Door blog! You can find all of this information and much more on our blog.

What locations do you serve?

We exclusively serve New York City and the tri-state area.

Still Looking for Something?

If we still haven't answered your question, give us a call or fill out our contact form now! We'd be happy to discuss your project and answer your lingering questions.


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