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Commercial Interior Plastic Laminate Doors


Affordable, versatile laminate protects doors in high-traffic areas like hospitals and schools. Decorative plastic laminate doors have durable and consistent designs that make them popular for commercial spaces. Our laminate interior doors come in many colors and patterns to match the surrounding decor.

Learn more about our selection and why you can count on us as your plastic laminate door manufacturer and supplier.


Benefits of Plastic Laminate Doors

Interior laminate doors offer these benefits and more:

  • Affordability: manufacturers offer laminate doors at affordable prices because of their simple yet sturdy materials. A laminate door can have a similar appearance to wood or stone at a fraction of the cost.

  • Versatility: Laminate comes in a wide selection of designs to match a space's decor and theme. Plastic laminate door suppliers provide patterns such as wood, stone and solid colors

  • Durability: As a human-made material, laminate has more durability than wood veneer. It also resists heat and scratches in a variety of environments. Laminate doors also withstand stains in spaces that involve liquids or dirt.

  • Environmental Resistance: Laminated door manufacturers use materials that do not warp when the humidity or weather changes. A laminate door stays the same size and shape regardless of the season.

  • Easy Maintenance: Compared to wood doors, laminate doors have an easy-to-clean surface. You only need a soft, damp cloth. The laminate material slo requires little maintenance and does not need oil.

At Manhattan Door, our laminate doors provide these advantages with a custom design. Allow us to create laminate doors that meet your requirements for appearance, materials and size.

Laminate Door Design Options

Count on our team for a full selection of laminate patterns and designs. Our laminate designs from Wilsonart® include:

  • Linear Graphite: Textured linear stone pattern with hints of red

  • Chocolate Ash: Charred-look wood graining accompanies by mid-tone browns

  • Lost Pine: Distressed wood featuring grey and taupe tones

  • Shadow Ash: Warm gray ash texture with partial cathedrals

  • Stone Alona: Dark grey oak with a plain sliced, open grain and strong cathedrals

  • Planked Texas Walnut: Repeating light to dark variations and full cathedrals

We also sell patterns from Formica®, Nevamar® and Pionite®. Contact one of our representatives to learn more about our available options.

Available door core options
Plastic laminate door color options

Available Cores for Our Laminate Doors

As a customer-focused manufacturer of laminate doors, we offer a wide range of core options, including out own "Diet" core. Discover your choices in our library of spec sheets.



Contact Us at Manhattan Door for Your Laminate Door Needs

At Manhattan Door, we provide top-quality results with swift lead times. With custom capabilities and rush-order availability, you can get exactly what you need from your interior laminate door manufacturer. 

To start your custom order or learn more about commercial laminate doors, contact our team online or call us at 718-963-1111. For detailed specifications for our laminate doors, read our product data sheet.

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