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School Classroom Doors

Help your education customers improve their learning environments and secure their buildings with our high-quality interior wood doors. We provide affordable, durable and beautiful options for school facilities. Discover how our team at Manhattan Door Corporation can assist with serving your clients in education by providing interior school doors that meet specifications and requirements.

Commercial Wood Doors for School Buildings

Schools need doors that hold up to everyday wear and tear and protect their occupants. A few of our popular products for educational spaces include:

These doors feature a reliable core covered with a beautiful wood veneer or easy-to-clean laminate surface. Benefit from our doors' increased affordability and ability to withstand elements such as humidity. Plastic laminate doors also provide easier maintenance, and veneer options are lightweight and easy to install.

We can make many of our doors fire-rated for 20, 45, 60 or 90 minutes to comply with building regulations and effectively keep students safe. These commercial five-ply wood doors are essential for safeguarding the lives of individuals in various educational facilities.

To meet a customer's green building requirements, we can use materials that achieve LEED certification standards. Our doors help to protect the planet along with schools, sourcing wood from local areas and using agri-fiber cores.

The Importance of High-Quality Classroom Doors

At Manhattan Door Corporation, we understand the need for durable doors in educational facilities such as schools. Unfortunately, with the rise of school-related shootings, these buildings need additional protection and security against armed individuals who wish to harm teachers and students.

Educational organizations often have various regulations to prevent potentially armed outsiders from entering and endangering the people inside their buildings. For example, many schools keep their doors locked during the school day, screen visitors before allowing entry and have active shooter drills. Some institutions also have metal detectors and require students to use clear backpacks. 

In addition to these precautions, the educational facility's design is another significant factor in protecting individuals during school shootings. In particular, it is critical to have strong doors that offer the most protection during active shooter events. Robust and well-designed wood doors or plastic laminate doors can protect common congregation areas like classrooms, hallways, gym entrances, teacher's lounges and other spaces that may be at risk.

Door Qualities to Look For

As a door distributor, you want to ensure you supply your customers with products that will benefit the schools and other educational facilities you market to. Some essential features to look for include:

  • High-quality design: The doors you provide to schools should be sturdy and resilient to ensure they last for years after heavy use. They should also be strong enough to defend the occupants inside rooms during potentially deadly events.

  • Customization abilities: Each school is different, so the door manufacturer you choose should offer broad customization options to ensure you can give your clients the doors they need for optimal safety and function.

Interior School Door Features






The variety of door styles we offer provides an array of options for the door features that you need. At a large school, you want to make sure your doors have the durability, security, and compliant features you need. Manhattan Door will work with you to design and manufacture the perfect university, private, or public school doors to ensure that your students are protected.

Your Interior School Door Supplier

Our customers rely on us for their commercial door orders. When you partner with our team, you will get:

Advanced Custom Order Capabilities

Equipment like 21st-century CNC machines allows us to manufacture doors to your specifications. We can fortify our doors for the needs of the schools you are supplying and accommodate any special hardware for extra protection. Our team will work with you to create a compliant door to keep the occupants in schools safe.


We offer various core options to help you receive the designs you want, such as commercial solid core doors. The possibilities are endless when you choose our company. We will help you create a door that can offer reliable protection for your school clients.

Fast Lead Times

Receive your order within two to three weeks or as soon as a day with our Door-N-24 program. Our impressive lead times for interior doors allow you to quickly receive the attractive and secure products you need quickly.

Generations of Expertise

As a family-owned business spanning four generations, we have years of experience crafting high-quality interior doors. Choose us for the expertise you need and the assurance that we can provide the commercial wood door products you are looking for.

Count On Our Team for Interior Wood School Doors

At Manhattan Door Corp., we manufacture products to distribute for a wide range of industries. Let us supply you with commercial doors to impress your education customers and offer them the safety and durability they need to protect students, teachers and visitors at their facilities. 


Learn more about our school doors and the various safety features we offer by contacting a representative online or calling 718-963-1111.

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