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Custom Veneer Interior Wood Doors

A wood veneer door is a cost-effective design that provides the same texture and appearance as solid wood doors. Our veneer interior doors include thin layers of wood that can fit your specifications.

​Learn more about the commercial wood veneer doors we offer at Manhattan Door Corp. and find the right product for your distribution inventory.

Why Buy Veneer Doors?

Commercial wood veneered doors offer many benefits to customers, including:

Consider a supplier of veneer interior doors when you want a lightweight, affordable door with a gorgeous appearance.

Cuts of wood veneer doors and matches

Common Veneer Cuts

Wood veneer door manufacturers use various veneer cuts for their products to give each door a unique finish. Types of wood veneer cuts for doors include:

Plain Sliced

Plain slicing involves moving a log up and down against the knife through the center for a straight grain and cathedrals. You can use this cut on several different wood species that require distinct aesthetics.

Rift Cut

Rift cutting produces thin, vertical grains by slicing across an oak log's medullary rays. The symmetrical, vertical cut is suitable for a simple door design. 


During the rotary cutting process, the log rotates against a stationary knife to create a broad grain pattern.


The quarter slicing method uses logs pre-cut into quarters to create straight grains and ribbon stripes. The exact design depends on the wood species.

Common Veneer Matches

Wood veneer door manufacturers use various veneer cuts for their products to give each door a unique finish. Types of wood veneer cuts for doors include:

Book Match

Book-matched veneer pieces come in alternating panels that face each other like a book, creating a symmetrical pattern. The even design highlights the log's figure and grain and creates color variation on the door, and the contrast in color gives an extra depth to the surface.

Slip Match

Slip matching involves joining pieces without switching the pattern, keeping the joints hidden for a straight-grain appearance. This design usually keeps the color consistent throughout the wood veneer surface, providing a seamless blend with the steady patterns.

Balance Match

In balance matching, the manufacturer keeps the width of each panel's leaves consistent, creating a symmetrical appearance. This option also offers color consistency for a more unique look.  

Common Door Veneers

Standard door veneer materials feature popular woods such as:

  • Oak: This classic, long-lasting wood is resistant to water and impact damage, and it can accommodate a Craftsman or mid-century design aesthetic.

  • Walnut: This warm-colored wood finishes nicely with a natural coat.

  • Ash: This light-toned, yellow wood has a smooth texture and is durable against most wear and tear.

  • Birch: This light-toned wood takes paints and stains and features a uniform appearance.

  • Bamboo: This eco-friendly wood is durable and lasts a long time in a commercial space.

  • Mahogany: This classic wood species fits perfectly in an executive office or high-end commercial building.

  • Cherry: This high-end wood tends to resist warping, lasting for a long time in an interior space. 

  • Maple: This robust and dense wood's texture and light natural color can complement a traditional design aesthetic. It also takes paints or stains well to change its color.

Versatility With Wood Designs


The standard door veneers are highly versatile in terms of functionality and aesthetics. These can match various wood veneer door specifications and designs used in furniture and other interior construction for a seamless design. Aside from enhancing the look, veneers improve the durability of doors by adding an extra layer of protection. 

Special Veneer

Some of our wood veneers come from specialty woods like:

  • Rosewood: This eco-friendly wood species has a unique color and dark chocolate brown streaks.

  • Ebony: This exotic, desirable wood complements any commercial space's aesthetic.

  • Eucalyptus: This unique wood species comes in various beautiful colors that take to any veneer cut.

  • Douglas fir: This durable softwood has a smooth texture that can easily be stained.


More Designs for Customization

Our custom capabilities enable us to meet your request with options specific to you. We offer several unique wood door veneer types and some specialty panels that feature advanced cuts like quarter slices.

Wood Veneer Door FAQs

What are veneer doors?

A veneer door features a thin layer of wood on top of the core. As a result, you can have a product that looks like solid wood but is more affordable and durable.

Where can I install a veneer door? 

You or your clients can install a wood veneer door in various commercial settings. They'd work in an apartment building because of their beauty and versatility. A hospital and other high-traffic areas need a durable door that can withstand heavy use. Veneer doors can go in the many rooms of a hotel because of their cost-effectiveness.

How do you fix the veneer on a door?

Since a wood veneer door's glue and finish are durable, you probably won't need to repair a wood veneer door that often. However, if your door gets scratched, you can sand it and refinish it like you would with a solid wood door.

Which is better: veneer doors vs. solid wood?

Veneer and solid wood doors have specific characteristics that make them unique. When it comes to functionality, veneer is most suitable for interior doors. However, some veneers are sturdier because of the core used. Veneers with solid cores may work for exterior doors. 


Solid wood focuses on protection and security, so it is the common option used for exterior doors. These options are generally durable because of their materials and the overall construction process. Cost generally depends on the door's materials. 


Both constructions are equally functional, though veneer doors are best for interior applications, while solid wood doors will better withstand use as exterior doors. 

Manhattan Door interior wood veneer doors

Choose Our Manhattan Door Veneers

At Manhattan Door Corporation, we pride ourselves on fast lead times and a customer-centered approach. As a family-owned business, we understand the importance of maintaining customer relationships for life. 

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