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Finishing For Interior Wood Doors

As a commercial door buyer, you want to provide your clients with the best products and project results. The wood door finishing process empowers you to give your door the appearance and durability that appeal to your customers. 

Learn more about the finishes we use at Manhattan Door.

Interior wood door finish options

Types of Commercial Wood Door Finishes

We can add a variety of finishes to your custom-made wood door. Our selection of wood door finishes includes:

We stock veneers in both unfinished options and products with a clear pre-finish and stain. These pre-finished surfaces are perfect as commercial wood door finishes for places such as office buildings where you are looking for the right door at an affordable cost.

Primer for MDF Doors

We use SHER-WOOD® 2400 Millwork Primer for all our MDF doors. This fast-drying, water reducible latex quality primer is versatile and perfect for interior and exterior millwork applications. We use this primer to protect soft woods prior to installation, but keep in mind millwork should be primed and top-coated right after installation.

Learn More About Finishing Interior Wood Doors

At Manhattan Door Corp., we manufacture wood doors with different types of finishes, so you can choose the option that is best for your application. Our customers value our decades of expertise and attention to detail. We pride ourselves on our fast lead times and high-quality results.

For more information on our doors and finishes, call us at 718-963-1111 or contact a representative online.


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