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Entertainment: Stadium Doors & Theater Interior Doors

If you have stadium contracts, you know the importance of supplying well-made, durable doors to your customers. Stadiums are high-traffic areas where sturdiness is a top concern. Theaters and other entertainment venues also need reliable doors during exciting events and performances. Doors usher people from the lobby to the theater, and they keep the flow of traffic moving at the right pace.


At Manhattan Door Corporation, we manufacture reliable doors your customers will love and can use for the long term.

Types of Theater Interior Doors

Theater doors help ensure a smooth evening. Our doors can contribute to the theater’s elegant atmosphere while also providing practical assistance. They separate the theater, where the production takes place, from the lobby and other parts of the building. We offer options to fit your customers' every need.

We make our plastic laminate doors for high-traffic areas, and you can specially request designs that match any theater's unique style. A standard plastic laminate door is highly durable, heat- and scratch-resistant and easy to clean.

Winter Garden Theatre interior doors NYC

The Winter Garden Theatre is just one of the venues for which Manhattan Door manufactures interior doors.

The core of our veneer doors is made from a lightweight material, making it easy to install. We can make the doors using many different types of wood to complement the theater's interior. These doors are a cost-effective option, especially when buying in bulk.

Fire-Rated Doors

Using fire-rated doors protects theatergoers in the event of a fire, which is necessary for venues that host many people. The specially manufactured doors slow the spread of flames and smoke, keeping those inside the doors safe. We have several choices available to meet building specifications. Our doors are rated for 20, 45, 60 or 90 minutes.

Metal Doors

Metal doors make a practical choice for theaters that need to separate different parts of the theater from the main stage or screen. Our well-made metal doors are durable and versatile.

Types of Stadium Doors

Stadiums include dozens of doors, from those leading into upper-level suites to those going into concession venues. Your customer needs doors that stand up to daily usage, and many prefer cost-effective options they can order in bulk. With our fast turnarounds, we offer the best choices for stadiums on a deadline and budget.

MetLife Stadium interior doors NY

The next time you go to MetLife Stadium, check out the interior doors, which Manhattan Door supplies.

Printed Veneer Doors

We make our plastic laminate doors for high-traffic areas, and you can specially request designs that match any theater's unique style. A standard plastic laminate door is highly durable, heat- and scratch-resistant and easy to clean. 

Public venues with a lot of people, such as stadiums, are required to have fire-rated doors. A closed door can slow the spread of flames and smoke from one room to the next. Our doors come in a range of ratings, which your customers can consider based on the building code. Our ratings include 20, 45, 60 or 90 minutes.

Plastic Laminate Doors

Our plastic laminate doors are easy to clean, an excellent advantage for a venue like a stadium, where thousands of people pass through each day. Plastic laminate doors are also highly durable options for commercial spaces, where they are constantly opened and closed.

Metal Doors

Metal doors offer a proactive way to protect those at the stadium while matching the decor. Their versatility makes them an ideal addition to any order. 

Rainbow Room Rockefeller Center interior door manufacturer NYC

Why Choose Manhattan Door for Entertainment Venues? 

We have supplied distributors with well-made doors for decades. Our family-owned and run company has an impressive four generations of service in the industry, and we have remained accessible and involved throughout our history. When you do business with us, you can speak with the owner and know we'll get the job done.

A few advantages to working with us include:

  • Fast turnarounds: We can complete orders with a lead time of just two to three weeks. Additionally, we can accommodate rush jobs that need an even quicker turnaround. We even offer door-in-a-day service.

  • Custom doors: We create custom pieces that meet your door specifications. Our options include heights of up to 12 feet and widths of up to 7 feet. 

  • Exceptional customer service: You are the focus of everything we do. We want to help you better help your customers. That's why we are here to answer your questions and clarify any step in the process.

  • Big-project capabilities: We can fulfill orders for anywhere from one to 10,000 doors. 

  • High standards: We use high-quality materials and make our doors last. We want your customers to be as happy as you are with their orders.

  • Expertise: With so much time in the business, our staff has the knowledge and experience you need to get the best insights.

Reach Out to Request a Quote

Stadiums deliver entertainment and athletic contests to the public. They play a critical role in the sporting industry, and they need the right doors to keep up with the demand. Let us help you supply those doors to your customers. Customers in the theater and entertainment industry will appreciate our doors' outstanding quality and fast delivery. We can help make entertainment venues safer and beautiful for years to come. Contact us today with a custom quote request for your entertainment venue doors.

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