Commercial Restaurant & Bar Interior Doors 

Restaurants and bars need commercial doors that withstand extensive use and which separate kitchen noise from the dining area. We at Manhattan Door Corporation manufacture high-quality, reliable, fire-resistant doors that your restaurant customers will appreciate. Our many door options will make their restaurants look and function better than ever. 

Types of Restaurant Doors

While every restaurant is different, many share the same needs when it comes to doors. We have possibilities for every part of the restaurant, and we make all of them with our signature attention to detail and superior materials. Find the right doors and buy many at once to save time and money. 

Metal Doors

Our metal doors make an excellent addition to any restaurant. They swing open and offer easy access as the wait staff carries food trays. 

Plastic Laminate Doors

Our plastic laminate doors are easy to clean, a significant advantage for food and beverage spills. Our doors make excellent choices for high-traffic areas

Printed Veneer Doors

Veneer doors include thin layers of wood, and we can make them to your specifications to fit your customers’ needs. They are also more cost-effective than solid wood doors.

Restaurant Interior

Fire-Rated Doors

Restaurants are required to use fire-rated doors in some areas. We specially manufacture these doors that slow the spread of fire and smoke. These kitchen doors protect customers from fire, should one break out in the kitchen. Our options can meet building regulations, with ratings for up to 90 minutes. 

Why Choose Us for Restaurant Doors? 

Our family-owned company is in its fourth generation, and we have a long track record of supplying well-made doors to distributors. Our high-end products gain your customers' appreciation and respect, which keeps you coming back to us. We have customers for life, and we proudly maintain a reputation for exceptional customer service. 

What sets us apart from other companies? When you come to us with a need, we work hard until we fulfill it. Our many advantages include: 

  • Fast turnarounds: Our typical lead time is two to three weeks, but we can get your doors ready even faster through rush orders. We even offer door-in-a-day service for when you require a lightning-fast turnaround. 

  • Expertise: We have gained industry knowledge and experience throughout our long tenure, and we bring those lessons to every interaction with you. 

  • High-end products: Our doors demonstrate impressive durability to keep customers safe and employees moving. We can make doors up to 12 feet high and 7 feet wide. 

Get in Touch With Us Today to Request a Quote

Cafes and restaurants have special needs for their doors, and we can deliver any requirement. Your customers will appreciate our well-made doors while they enjoy your services. Contact us today or call 718-963-1111 to request a custom quote on your next restaurant door project.