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Commercial Wood Interior Doors

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At Manhattan Door Corp., we have over 80 years of combined industry experience designing and building custom commercial interior wood doors. Our knowledgeable and friendly sales team can work with you to select high-quality commercial interior wood door products that best serve your project's unique construction needs, design aesthetic and budget.

Part of what makes our company a superior partner for any project is our ongoing dedication to creating one-of-a-kind products. Manufacturing every order according to your exact and unique specifications is our specialty. Plus, our streamlined logistics process enables us to deliver your completed product within tight timelines.

Our team at Manhattan Door designs and manufactures a wide selection of architectural-grade commercial interior wood doors. All of our products are specially crafted according to the highest industry standards, with top-quality materials such as structural composite lumber cores and either a wood veneer or plastic laminate overlay for attractive finishes.

At Manhattan Door, we have worked for many decades within a variety of commercial building industries, including those for hotels, hospitals and schools, to name a few. We have demonstrated our experience in applying current safety rules, manufacturers' specifications and building codes as they apply to the construction market, including fire-rated, lead-lined and sound-rated doors.

We manufacture our architectural veneer wood doors to your exact specifications, including customizing to fit a variety of opening sizes. You can order any common or specialty wood species or factory finish for a distinct and attractive professional result. Our flush wood veneer commercial doors offer lasting performance and visual appeal at cost-effective rates. Our customers install the doors in corporate settings, schools and universities, hotels, hospitality venues and offices.

We at Manhattan Door design our collection of flush plastic laminate doors for sustained durability during high-frequency use. These doors are fire-rated up to 90 minutes and are available in custom sizes up to 48 inches by 120 inches.


Customize your laminate commercial doors with nearly endless design options including solid colors, wood grains, abstract styles and patterns, from all major brands including Pionite, Formica, Nevamar and Wilsonart. They can also be installed in a variety of different work environments, including warehouses, offices, auto shops, municipal buildings, retail centers and more.

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Our team at Manhattan Door Corp. builds flush wood, architectural-grade doors from solid core or hollow construction materials. Available in a variety of different wood species, our products can accommodate any type of hardware application, including lock cutouts, hinge pockets and electric access card locks. When installed, they provide a clean, professional appearance to any institutional application including medical centers, apartment buildings, office complexes and hotels.

We provide several interior door cores for all commercial door uses. You can customize your door cores to fit your budget and needs. Different door cores have different advantages to take into consideration. Options include lightweight hollow honeycomb doors, our unique "diet" cores and solid cores. Each of these wood door types can then be coated in a laminate or veneer for a sleek, customizable look.

Hollow honeycomb door cores can save you money as a cost-effective option. They are made of 4-inch by 4-inch corrugated fiberboard cells. This structure will keep your doors from bending or warping and are especially useful for interior doors. These doors are easy to transport and easy to install because they are so lightweight.

A fire-rated door will allow you to meet building regulations with 20- to 90-minute ratings. Different minute ratings have unique specifications.

For a strong yet affordable alternative to solid core doors, you could choose structural composite lumber (SCL) cores, which are made from different species of wood adhered together. They provide an especially sturdy structure. Another cost-effective way to meet regulations is to use particleboard cores — they are made from woodchips or sawdust and some kind of adhesive. This is a highly durable solution yet low-cost.

Consider which door cores will best fit your client's needs and weigh the durability and affordability of each option.

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All commercial wood doors need a core with an appropriate layer of finish. The door finishing you choose will determine the appearance as well as the durability of your doors. Choose a finish well-suited to the aesthetic desires and strength requirements requested by your clients.

You can tailor your veneer to be either unfinished or to have a clear pre-finish and stain. An unfinished veneer allows for greater customization of varnish or stain. A pre-finished wood door surface is ideal for affordability and uniformity.

At Manhattan Door, we use SHER-WOOD® 2400 Millwork Primer on all our medium-density fiberboard (MDF) doors. This primer is fast-drying and water reducible. A primer serves to block stains, seal fillers and make paint stick more readily. SHER-WOOD® 2400 Millwork Primer will help to protect a door before installation. It is a good choice for both interior and exterior door applications due to its reliability. Remember to apply a top-coat after installation.

Find the Commercial Wooden Doors You Need at Manhattan Door

Manhattan Door Corp. is the interior wood door supplier that has served the tri-state area and beyond for over 80 years. As a family-owned and operated commercial interior wood door manufacturer, we are focused on providing our customers with exceptional service. When you partner with us, you will get dependable service, high-quality products and faster lead times.

To learn more about our company and commercial interior wood doors in general, complete our online contact form or call (718) 963-1111.

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